Cafe De-Karina

Cafe De Karina – a special chocolate cafe !!

As soon as you enter the visitor center, the scent of chocolate will greet you with wonderful and delightful scents.
The aromas and flavors at Cafe De Karina become an integral part of the delicious experience, where all the senses are involved.

Cafe De Karina offers a rich menu of unique chocolate drinks:

our specialty Torino drink
cold chocolate with whipped cream
floating mekupelet hot chocolate
and created daily on-site.
Great Milkshakes
old-fashioned ice cream made from fresh cream
Pies, Cookies and brownies
And pizzas for kids and adults.

At the Cafe de Karina, we offer hot and cold drinks, grate for both winter and summer. some are served with fresh whipped cream that we make on site.
Everything is done and served in a warm and pleasant atmosphere.

We would love to have you in our cafe with the chocolates, pralines, truffles and all the other desserts that sprinkle joy and love in the air.


Additional Information:

Cafe De Karina is open all weekdays except Saturdays and holidays.
All our products are Kosher Lemehadrin Chalav Yisroel/Pareve.
Visiting our store and cafe does not require reservation.
Tours and Workshops require a reservation in advance.

Tours and Workshops

Smell, taste and feel chocolate...
Chocolate workshops- a magical and fascinating journey into the world of chocolate. Smell, taste and enjoy

Cafe De Karina

A rich menu full of chocolate
Café De Karina entices all the senses and spreads joy. Cool in the summer, warm and toasty in the winter

Chocolate Boutique Store

Where the chocolate is so good, there’s no holding back!
tasty chocolate and delectable pralines! In our boutique store you can find both!

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