Chocolate Boutique Store

De Karina’s products sold in the boutique store in Ein Zivan are magical ideas that have turned into a series of gourmet chocolate. Pralines, truffles, chocolates of various flavors, rich liqueurs and other wonderful surprises await you at our store.

In the boutique store in the visitors’ center you will find exclusive, limited edition pralines as well as truffles and liqueurs that can be purchased for yourself or as a gift for your favorite people.

These limited edition items are sold exclusively at our boutique store.

Cocolate Boutique store De Karina – this is the place to pamper, and indulge in a sweet souvenir that is pleasing to the eyes and the palate.

So if you want to buy a gift for children, or maybe for your spouse …If you are hosted by friends or family, or if you are staying with others for a holiday or special occasion … Come to our boutique store and we are sure you will find something tasty to suit you!


Additional Information:

  • The visitors’ center is open all week except Saturday.
  • All of our products are Kosher Mehadrin, Halav Israel.


Visiting our store and cafe does not require reservation.

Tours and Workshops

Smell, taste and feel chocolate...
Chocolate workshops- a magical and fascinating journey into the world of chocolate. Smell, taste and enjoy

Cafe De Karina

A rich menu full of chocolate
Café De Karina entices all the senses and spreads joy. Cool in the summer, warm and toasty in the winter

Chocolate Boutique Store

Where the chocolate is so good, there’s no holding back!
tasty chocolate and delectable pralines! In our boutique store you can find both!

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