Chocolate for business – great chocolate for holidays, corporation events and other special occasions.

We all want to pamper and indulge in something sweet …
De Karina Chocolate delivers to your office (refrigerated), quality chocolates that will make all of your events more delicious and exciting.

Holiday Gift Packages: Rosh Hashanah, Pesach, Chanukah, Christmas, Tu Bishvat and more … For employees, customers in Israel and abroad – a chocolate basket or chocolate gift box that shows gratitude and appreciation.

Gift boxes for special occasions: for International Women’s Day, mother / Father or family day, for birthdays, as a promotion gift, special gesture or just to say thank you…

Chocolate packages suited for a company vacation, a team building event or corporate entertainment day, a professional event or a professional conference.
We will be happy to offer you the best chocolate for your event during any season.
The chocolate package can be Branded as needed for any occasion.

If you want a festive and surprising Praline, Truffles or beautifull chocolate packages for munching or gifts, the sky’s the limit, with colors and flavors that are plenty and varied.

For more information call us at 972-4-699-3622

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Branded Chocolates for hotels

Custom-made chocolates
Luxury chocolates for VIP and important guests, good night chocolate, and special occasions

Chocolates for events

Uncompromising taste and quality
Chocolates in a branded packaging for companies and organizations. Great for corporate events, employee appreciation and special occasions ....

Chocolate gift packages

Gift Packages for any occasion
For holidays, events or just to say thank you. A variety of packages at different prices and for every purpose.

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