Third generation to a family of chocolatiers

Chocolate love story

Chocolatier Karina Chepelinski, the third generation to a family of chocolatiers from Argentina, immigrated to Israel with a vision of continuing her family’s 100 year old tradition of creating handmade premium chocolate.

A little over a century ago, after World War I…

Tours and Workshops

Smell, taste and feel chocolate...
Chocolate workshops- a magical and fascinating journey into the world of chocolate. Smell, taste and enjoy

Cafe De Karina

A rich menu full of chocolate
Café De Karina entices all the senses and spreads joy. Cool in the summer, warm and toasty in the winter

Chocolate Boutique Store​

Where the chocolate is so good, there’s no holding back!
tasty chocolate and delectable pralines! In our boutique store you can find both!

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