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Site rules “De Karina”:

1. Introduction
1.1. Welcome to (hereinafter: “the Site”), the site is operated by De Karina Food Industries Ltd. Company 513915413 (hereinafter – “the Company” or “the Site Manager” or “De Karina” “).
1.2. Please review the Terms of Use from time to time as it may be subject to change. Please note that the use of the Site constitutes unconditional acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. For any questions, please call us at 04-6993622.
1.3. Use of the masculine only is for convenience only, and the terms will apply to all users of the site.
1.4. Opening hours: De Karina’s operating hours are: Sundays through Thursdays from 09:00 to 17:00, telephone: 04-6993622.
1.5. Access to the site is approved subject to the conditions set forth below (hereinafter – “Terms of Use”).
1.6. The user must read these Terms of Use carefully before accessing the site. Further browsing the site and viewing the published information constitute the user’s consent to the regulations.
1.7 The Site Code may be changed at any time by De Karina, at its sole discretion, without the need to give notice in advance, and may amend, add or change the terms of use of the Site from time to time.

2. Terms of Use:
2.1 Registration to the Site is personal and no additional person may be added without his consent and without reading the Site’s regulations.
2.2. Do not use this site for commercial purposes and / or any other use for an illegal purpose.
2.3 At the time of registration, De Karina’s customer base allows the customer to send direct mail with promotional content via mail, e-mail, and mobile phone (SMS) at no cost to the customer.
2.4 The details of the transaction on the Site, including the details of the Offer and the details of the Purchaser, shall be transmitted via an encrypted electronic security protocol (SSL) to the Data Processing Machine of De Karina. These details will not be transferred by De Karina and the operators of the site to external parties, except for the credit card company and the suppliers, only in order to complete the acquisition activities performed by the purchaser. De Karina reserves the right to use the details, which the buyer will provide for the purpose of analyzing statistical information and for future marketing use. In this case, the data will not personally relate to the operation and will not recognize it.
2.5. Beyond the mailing of promotional material, notice of promotions and so forth, De Karina shall not make any use of this information without the client’s permission, except in cases where such is required by law to prevent misuse.
2.6 At the time of the customer’s request by e-mail, his address will be used solely for the purpose of answering and not for any other purpose, and his address will not be given to any other entity. If the client wishes to receive additional information by e-mail from De Karina, he must inform De Karina of his wishes.

3. Information and content on the site:
3.1 De Karina is a content, advertising and marketing site. From time to time the site will include content articles, various benefits, special offers, answers to customer questions and all subject to the site’s regulations.
3.4 The content and information displayed on the Site are derived from the Site Manager and / or Karina and / or content originating from third parties. The webmaster will endeavor to ensure that the information is accurate, although there may be inaccuracies and disruptions, inter alia, due to technical malfunctions or human error. It is hereby clarified that the Site Manager and / or Karina shall not be liable for any indirect and / or direct damage caused to the User as a result of the reliance and / or use of the content and information published on the Site.
3.5 Images The products on the Site are intended for illustration only and there may be differences between the images displayed on the Site and the products actually sold at the points of sale.
3.6 De Karina does not undertake to supply a full quantity with regard to advertising the products on the site.
3.7 Any person who is over 18 years of age and has a valid credit card of one of the credit card companies operating in Israel (or has the express authorization of the credit card holder) may submit proposals for the purchase of services through the website.
3.8 Payment: De Karina respects all credit cards: Visa, Mastercard, and American Express
All prices listed on the site are added VAT as measured by law.
3.9 The purchaser’s order or offer (hereinafter – bid) for receipt of services shall be accepted provided that all of the following conditions are met:
1. The transaction is authorized by the credit company of the purchaser.
2. The requested products are in stock.
3. The address in which the service should be provided is found on the De Karina distribution map.
4. The purchaser has a personal e-mail box on the Internet, unless the transaction is done by telephone.
Purchases on the site De Karina / Warranty:
4.1 De Karina reserves the right to cancel and / or not to give any person the right to make purchases at the site without the need to give any reasons for the decision.
4.2 Cancellation of an online store transaction: Due to the nature of the products, food products, it is not possible to cancel an order and / or return products purchased on the site.
By ordering workshops and tours in the Visitors Center, a transaction can be canceled up to 48 hours before the scheduled date, with no cancellation fees. Up to 24 hours prior to the date, 50% of the transaction will be charged less than 24 hours, 100% of the transaction will be charged.
4.3 The prices of the products published on the Site may change from time to time according to market conditions and at the discretion of De Karina.
4.4 The customer must check the contents of the shipment upon receipt and compare it to both the order and the invoice to be delivered to him at the time of delivery. In the event of a product discrepancy or any other dissatisfaction, the customer should contact De Karina’s customer service email at in order to be able to handle the customer’s request.
4.5 The provisions of Israeli law shall apply only to the engagement between the customer and De Karina, and upon the delivery of the contents of these regulations, De Karina and the client declare that they have done their best to ensure that a conflict between them arises, if it arises, in the manner of Noam, outside the court. It is agreed between the parties that if the dispute is not settled as aforesaid, then the sole and exclusive jurisdiction will be handed over to the competent courts in the northern region (the Magistrate’s Court in Safed or the Nazareth District Court) solely for them, and not for any other court in the State of Israel or the world.
4.6 De Karina is not liable for any damage (including damage to the body) and / or loss and / or (Hereinafter referred to as “damage of any kind”) caused to the Customer by De Karina and / or to any third party as a result of a purchase made at the De Karina Site and / or the inability to make a purchase and which will be caused as a result of an act and / or omission and / Or any third party, including a purchase made by credit card without the consent of the owner. A purchase made by a minor and / or incompetent without the consent of his / her parents and / or guardian, an act performed on the site by any third party that will enter the site and cause damage, etc.
4.7 The Client shall bear full responsibility for any damage caused to him and / or by De Karina in respect of a mistake made by typing the data, including a mistake in typing his address / address for the supply of the order, error in typing quantities,
4.8 Typing false information is a criminal offense. Against moral details false legal action will be taken, including tort claims for damages that may be caused to the site and / or owners of the site and / or to any of its operators and / or one of its managers and / or anyone on their behalf. In the event of erroneous typing of details (including the purchaser’s personal details), Ms. Karina and / or anyone acting on her behalf have the right to disqualify the offer.
4.9 The Client absolves De Karina of any liability for damage of any kind that may be caused to him and / or to any third party as a result of a technical malfunction in hardware and / or software related to the Site.
The Company shall not be liable for damage of any kind caused directly or indirectly to the Customer and / or to any third party in connection with the products purchased in De Karina and which the third party that the advertiser and / or the manufacturer and / Liability under any law.
4.0.0 Without derogating from all of the above, in any event, radiation shall not be carried at an amount exceeding the price of the products ordered and paid by the customer.
A customer who delivered erroneous shipping information or did not collect the package from the mail on time, and as a result the products were returned to the sender, the customer must contact “De Karina” on his own initiative and provide a correct delivery address. In addition, for the return shipping, the customer will pay the payment according to the weight of the package.
3.2 The supply of the products and / or services shall be done directly by De Karina, according to the details specified in advance, and de-radiation shall be responsible for receiving the product by the customer. If for any reason the client did not receive the product, De Karina will deal with the problem and solve it.

5. Links to other websites and services
5.1 The site may contain links and / or references to websites that are not operated by de-radiation.
De Karina will not be responsible for the linked Web sites and the link to any website should not be considered as a recommendation for that website. The links are intended solely for the convenience and knowledge of users. De Karina may at its sole discretion remove any link from the Site and / or add additional links.
5.2 The intellectual property on the Site, including the copyrights and / or trademarks and / or the like, including the design of the site, the software, the applications, the graphic files, the texts, the images, the technologies, the processes, the contents, the icons, Other material included in the Site is wholly and exclusively owned by De Karina or by third parties.
5.3 De Karina retains all its rights and property in the contents of the Site, and does not actually enter the Site in order to grant any license and / or right to the contents of the Site and / or part thereof
5.4 Any reference to the various catalogs of the name, trade mark, product and / or service of any third party appears solely as a service to the customer and does not constitute any advertisement, promotion, sponsorship or recommendation whatsoever.
5.5 The Site and the Contents of the Site are intended solely for private and non-commercial use, their use is limited solely for the purpose of selling and purchasing the Products through them. It is forbidden to copy, duplicate, distribute, sell and / or display material as detailed above unless the Authority has been given permission to do so in advance and in writing.

6. Faults and information security
6.1. The user of the site declares that he is aware that there may be cases, whether under the control of the site administrator or not, including power outages, hacking, server failures, human errors, etc. in which information will be lost and / or incomplete and / or incorrect information will be displayed and / or not allowed The browsing of the Site and / or the details provided by him to the Site and / or any other possible malfunction, and he waives any claim and / or claim and / or demand in this matter.
6.2. De Karina does not warrant that the Site will be operated without interruption, or without errors, or interruptions, or is immune to unauthorized access to the administrator’s computer, or from damages, malfunctions, failures or failures.

7. Additional conditions
7.1 Interpretation The enforcement of these regulations in accordance with the laws of the State of Israel.
7.2 Browsing the Site constitutes acceptance of and acceptance of the Terms of Use and therefore anyone who does not agree to the Terms of Use, some or all of them, is hereby requested not to use this site.

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